New Year, New Crafting Adventures! Let's get creative with our latest CNC Files!

New Year, New Crafting Adventures! Let's get creative with our latest CNC Files!

Happy New Year! 🎉 Yeaaaaah, I know we're a little late. BUT, As we step into a brand new year, we're thrilled to share two exciting additions that will take your crafting to new heights. 🚀PLUS, While we continue to sell on Etsy, you can save at least $1 by shopping on our website instead!

2. CNC Mallet Vector Files

Craft a masterpiece with precision using our CNC Mallet Vector Files. Unlock your creativity with a variety of file types, including .SVG, .DXF, .stl, .pdf, and vector files. Whether you're a crafting enthusiast or a professional, this digital download package ensures your CNC machine creates a mallet that stands out from the rest. 


2. CNC Foldable Lap Desk Files

Discover the convenience of crafting your portable workspace with our CNC Foldable Lap Desk Files. These files offer flexibility with diverse types (.SVG, .DXF, .stl, .pdf, and vector files) and step-by-step instructions. Ideal for students, professionals, or anyone needing a versatile surface, this lap desk is both functional and space-saving.

  What's Inside Our New Files?

  • Versatility: Enjoy the flexibility of diverse file types compatible with a range of CNC machines and software.
  • Simplicity: Step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth and enjoyable crafting experience.
  • Possibilities: From personalized mallets to foldable lap desks, our files open doors to a world of creative possibilities.

Ready to kick off the year with a burst of creativity? Visit our Etsy Shop or Website now and start your crafting journey!

Here's to a year filled with inspiration, innovation, and countless crafting triumphs!

Warm regards,

Eric Kincaid

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