Creating a Stylish X-Style 3 Dog Bowl Holder with a Central Water Bowl

Creating a Stylish X-Style 3 Dog Bowl Holder with a Central Water Bowl

Embarking on a woodworking project can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through the creation of a stunning X-style 3 dog bowl holder with a large center bowl for water. Join us as we document the process and share the steps we took to bring this stylish and functional piece to life.


Materials and Preparation:

3D Model of X Style 3 Dog Bowl Holder

Before diving into the project, we gathered all the necessary materials and tools. We opted for a 3/4" x 12" x 36" Project Panel suitable for our desired dimensions (34.5" x 12"). We also used one 2"x2"x8' and one 1"x4"x4'. Additionally, we set up our miter saw, pocket hole jig, pocket screws, measuring tape, 150 & 220 grit sandpaper, wood glue, clamps, brad nailer, brads, Minwax White and Jacobean stain, dog bowls (2 medium bowls and 1 larger bowl), and a satin Polycrylic.


Cutting and Shaping the Wood

Dimensions of Top of Dog Bowl Holder

We laid out and marked the project panel ensuring precise dimensions for our dog bowl holder. Using a miter saw, we made the necessary cuts, paying close attention that the miter saw is square in order to achieve a straight, square cut for our overall length of 34.5".

Cutting the 8' 2x2 into the X is done by making the following cuts:

2 Pieces at 9.75" Long.

1 at 30" Long.

8 - 45° Cut (trapezoid shape) measuring 5.75" long point to long point.

4 - 1"x4" at 11" Long.

 Laying out cut 2x2s

Cutting the Bowl Diameters

 We used our Shapeoko 4 Pro XXL CNC to cut out each individual circle by recentering the XY on each circle laid out. You can complete this cut in many ways using a jig saw or circle cutting router kit if you do not have a CNC machine. A desktop CNC can be used as long as it is at least 12" wide. The medium size bowls need a diameter of 7.75" and the large required a 10.25" diameter cut out.

Refining the Surface

To achieve a smooth and stain ready finish, we turned to sandpaper. Starting with a 150 grit, we meticulously sanded the wood, gradually working our way to 220 grit. This process ensured a professional look and feel, eliminating any roughness or imperfections.

Bringing the Pieces Together

With the wood prepared, it was time to assemble the X-style dog bowl holder. We applied wood glue to the joining ends of the longer and shorter pieces, carefully fitting them together to form the X shape. To ensure a secure bond, we used 1" brad nails to hold the pieces in place while the glue dried.

Test Fitting the 3 Dog Bowl Holder

Adding Stability and Style

Next, we attached the base and legs to provide stability and visual appeal. By measuring, cutting, and joining the appropriate pieces, we enhanced the structural integrity of the holder while considering the overall aesthetic. The vertical 9.25" pieces received two pocket holes on the same side & hidden towards the back. The 30" horizontal support received two pocket holes on the underside towards the bottom to remain unseen from normal view.

(Filling a Void with Black Hot Glue)

Infusing Personal Touches

To make our dog bowl holder truly unique, we decided to apply white stain to the legs and 30" cross piece. We chose a color that allows us to harmonize the holder with other home décor while keeping our furry friends in mind. We applied the stain carefully, allowing it to dry completely before moving forward.

Finished Picture of a stained and finished dog bowl holder

Ensuring Functionality

With the main structure complete, we focused on the practicality of the holder. We measured and marked the positions for the smaller bowls, creating openings that fit them securely. For the larger center bowl, we designed a suitable method for placement, ensuring it remained stable and accessible for water refills.

Finished picture of dog bowl holder

Protecting and Preserving

To safeguard the wood and enhance its longevity, we applied a pet-safe water based polycrylic protective finish. This step not only added a layer of protection against water damage but also facilitated easy cleaning and maintenance. To help the Polycrylic even more we added a coat of paste wax.


The journey from raw materials to a beautifully crafted X-style 3 dog bowl holder with a central water bowl has been a rewarding experience and we hope the customer loves it! By documenting the process and sharing our steps, we hope to inspire fellow woodworking enthusiasts to embark on their own creative projects.

Remember, woodworking is a blend of craftsmanship and personal expression. Feel free to adapt our steps and design to suit your preferences and requirements. Enjoy the process, and don't forget to share your finished project with us [@kincaid_made]. We would love to celebrate your accomplishments!

For more woodworking inspirations and a wide range of high-quality handcrafted products, visit our shop. Happy woodworking, and may your furry friends enjoy their new stylish dining experience!

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